Welcome To Pace-View Handicapping

Welcome To Pace-View Handicapping Welcome To Pace-View Handicapping Welcome To Pace-View Handicapping
I'm Greg Banner (NorCalGreg) of Oakland, Ca.  Welcome to my site, horse players and handicappers..  I always thought handicapping tools and software were priced way too high.  And for what?  99% of software users lose money.  Either the purchaser believes the hype, and thinks he can click a button--make a bet...and the money starts flowing.  Flowing away from the bettor.

One day, I just got so tired of scanning the Racing Form--up and down, back and forth, writing notes with red and green sharpies.  It sometimes took all night, and bleary-eyed would make my wagers and go to bed.

I had to find a better way before I went blind.  I have a distinct handicapping process...I mainly look for horses with recent activity, winning pace figures, good connections, and early speed.  Sprint or route...speed is the only true bias in racing.

I came up with my own proprietary figures you'll find nowhere else.  I developed a "Power Number" that has a higher ROI than Bris' Prime Power.  It's actually brilliant---Bris' Prime Power is...but EVERYONE has it, diluting it's effectiveness.  My first handicapping program is called PLATINUM--so my Power Number is "PLATINUM POWER".  I also have EXOTIC BETS!, BEST-FIVE, and PONY-PICKER. Platinum and Best-Five have both received top-5 awards for the year in Phillips Racing News.  All use pace ratings, speed figures, class, recency and connections.

BTW....nothing I sell is over $50--all brand new horse racing software .  I can send it digitally through your email---no tax or shipping!  Just click a link and it downloads to the folder of your choosing, because WHO WANTS TO WAIT??---NCG