This report is proving to be very lists any and all winning trainers, and what they win with.  1st-time claim horses, shippers, layoffs, route to sprint, and many more.  The only requirement is that the trainer BE PROFITABLE in today's situation.  We've found a nice, simple method with no handicapping.  Any time just two horses in a race are listed in this report--they are boxed in an exacta.  

This is very profitable for us, so far.  The key with the Trainer Report, as with all our methods and spot plays--do your research and find the tracks with the best returns.  Since we are unable to print the trainer angles report, directly--here is a tip a user sent: "I use snipping tool, convert to pdf using a site called smallpdf(free) then I print it"  ...sounds like good advice!  You can even print it out right in the snipping tool.  That makes it so much easier.